Production on Third Studio Album by Socrates’ Trial Has Begun

We are set to record at least 6 new originals of mine in March 2019! This new album is titled Anthem and will differ in many ways to the previous releases. For starters, this album will be able to play from start to finish without a break in the music. While there are at least 6 different and distinct songs on the album, transitions featuring each member of the band will link each song together so it will seem more like an extended (60+ minute) work rather than your typical format of one song and then another song, etc. I will also be writing with synthesizers and other analog sequencers in mind rather than our traditional instrumentation. Much to think about! Here is a picture of René G. Boscio, my friend and synth programmer, hard at work. 

Jeff Pifher-Rene Working Anthem.jpg