The Standards Project is a vehicle for American Songbook and jazz standards. Tradition plays such an important role in the music we play in almost every setting so it’s important to keep the standards alive. Each musician apart of the Standards Project has something unique offer. Swing is important in this setting however in a break from tradition it is not uncommon to hear favorite classic tunes with a more modern approach or arrangement. There is a balance between tradition and interpretation. One of my favorite examples in our repertoire is my arrangement of “All Of Me”. This arrangement is a non-swing and completely reharmonized version of the American Songbook standard. After the long introduction, the melody may be the only recognizable feature from the original. When it comes to swing standards, most recently I have been getting more experimental with my improvisations. I am constantly trying to push myself and the band using long solos that aim to consistently build in energy as well as stretch our abilities. It’s all about trying things on the bandstand, having fun, and bringing a classic repertoire to a new audience.



Standard Formation:
Jeff Pifher (saxophone)
Nery Kim (piano)
Will Lyle (bass)
Alec Smith (drums)

Additional Players:
Colin Cook (guitar)
Misha Bigos (piano)
Corey Coverstone (drums)
Eric England (bass)
Massimo Sammi (guitar)





Photography: Nick Casillas ©2018