“Alternate Futures/Past Realities” CD Release @ bluewhale with orchestra!

On May 29 Socrates’ Trial celebrated the release of our sophomore album Alternate Futures/Past Realities with a show and live album recording at the bluewhale in Los Angeles. We had the full orchestra instrumentation for the show: 16 strings, 6 brass and woodwind, 3 vocals, and of course the band. Tremendous job by Harlan Hodges getting the parts ready, conducting and arranging. Recording the show was quite a process! Brad Cobb brought in a truck load of gear and had his recording rig set up some 75 feet away in the more isolated green room (see pictures). He ran cables through the ceiling to the performance area. I will be releasing the live album shortly after our third studio album, Anthem, is slated for release later this year.