Anthem Release Date Announced & First Promo Released

I'm so excited to announce Anthem will be released November, 22, 2019! The first promo for the new record has been released on social media as well as YouTube. Corey Coverstone (drums) is featured on the track “Equal Station” in its entirety. Many of the synth sounds on this record were handcrafted by Rene´ G Boscio and built using analog modular eurorack equipment . Rene´’s skills and musicality are featured on this track. While “Equal Station” is a drum solo, the accompanying modular synths and mixing on this track were incredibly involved. Among many other things, Rene´ cut up the audio from the snare drum and put it through several modulars to achieve an interactive and collaborative performance between drums and synths. He also added some harmony throughout in order to set up the tonality of the next song. Mixing engineer, Jason LaRocca, helps enhance the audio on this track through specialized EQ and panning, as well as by adding his own sounds. It was truly a group effort.