Artwork Revealed for New Album Alternate Futures/Past Realities by Socrates’ Trial

Like the debut album (Socrates’ Trial) artist Arturo A. Velasco really did an outstanding job with the artwork. For the new album, Alternate Futures/Past Realities, Arturo blended the ideas of Past, Present, and Future into his artwork. The figure in the mask is Socrates from the future. I wanted the artwork to portray this sense of a journey that continued where the last album left off. The title of the album suggests different paths, future and past, intersecting in the present to create several different moments all at the same time. This idea of living in the moment but what if there are several of those same moments occurring at the same time with different outcomes. I think the artwork captures this idea. 

Jeff Pifher - Alternate Fulures_Past Realities Cover Art PNG.png